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    Hexigten Global Geopark is located in Hexigten Banner, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, People’s Republic of China. This geopark is a place with a perfect combination of the marvelous natural landscapes and colorful human cultural resources, therefore, this geopark is called the golden triangle to north of the Great Wall and the back garden of Beijing Metropolis.
     On February 11, 2005, Hexigten Geopark was approved as a member of the Network of Global Geoparks by UNESCO. Hexigten Global Geopark consists of 9 sub-parks, covering an area of 1750 km2. This geopark is rich in various geoheritage, including the best-preserved, most-complete and largest scale Quaternary glacial landforms in the east China, the unusual stone mortar group and world-unique granite forest—“Inner Mongolian stone forest”; Xar Moron River, which is the boundary among Daxing'anling Mountains, Yanshan Mountain Range and Hunshandake Sand Land, as well as the tectonic boundary between the Paleozoic North China Platform and Daxing’anling-Inner Mongolia geosyncline; as well as the Gonggar Grassland and the sandy dragon spruce forest which is exclusive in the world.
    Hexigten Global Geopark is a place where integrates the Quaternary glacial vestiges, granite landscapes, volcanic landforms, tectonic suture, plateau lakes, deserts, rivers, grasslands and hot springs into a whole, which is an encyclopedia and a natural museum for exploring of geological history in Inner Mongolian Plateau and human development in North China.

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