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        Hexigten Global Geopark in the parks were built four museums (museum), a geological and cultural park, 7 tourist information centers, with a total area of ​​20,000 square meters. Among them, the museum has the world's Geological Museum Park (shed by the town), the National Geological Museum Park (Dalinuoer Park), Hunshandake Park Museum (Saudi Bin cloud scenic), Ulan Buh Park Museum (Ulan distribution system park).
         Each museum (museum) with different features, ranging from the area. They introduced a comprehensive geological heritage characteristics Keshiketeng world geological park and other natural landscape, is the ideal venue for science education. 
         Hexigten Global Geopark Museum distinctive architectural style, its main building exterior horizontal stripes, vivid open solution reflects the unique Keshiketeng World Geopark granite stone forest landscape features.
         Museum jointly building the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region People's Government of the People's Government and the Keshiketengqi. Start at the end of 2005, in December 2006 to complete the civil works, covers an area of ​​8100 square meters, construction area of ​​8,105 square meters, the indoor exhibition area of ​​5,000 square meters; July 2007 to complete the interior design and exhibition, is China's largest and most versatile most technologically advanced modern world geological park museum. 
         Hexigten Global Geopark Museum, is the use of pictures, text, models, objects, video and other multimedia forms a comprehensive introduction to the tourists in the park's geological heritage landscape parks and other landscapes, natural and social environments and the development history of scientific knowledge , promotion of environmental awareness and provide information on tourist sites, but also to understand the whole park window.
         Hexigten Global Geopark  Museum is home to an important base for science education, the museum uses advanced modern electronic technology, finance and interactive exhibitions, education and research, entertaining as a whole. Visitors to the museum focused Geopark Bennett shows some types of geological heritage, ecological diversity and rich long national history and culture, through exhibitions let see who maximize the wonderful experience of the world in the limited space of geological, physical and mental pleasure, get knowledge.


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