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Hexigten UGGP & Yandangshan UGGP link up as “Sister Geop

Publish Time:2019-05-27 Author: Click:120

Hexigten UGGP & Yandangshan UGGP became the Global Geopark member at the same year in 2005, to enhance exchanges and cooperation in Geopark Construction、Science Education and Sustainable Development, encourage the two Geopark to share with the Volcanic geoheitages .

From May 22-23rd, taking a two days field work in Dail Nur、Bain Obao、Arshihaty、Huanggangliang and Qingshan Geo-region and holding a signing ceremony in the office of Hexigten Global Geopark Administration Bureau.

Mr.Yu Zhaofei, Director of Hexigten Global Geopark Administration Bureau, pointed our that Hexigten and Yandangshan have complementary strengths in geopark development, showing great potential and broad prospects for cooperation.“Sister Geopark”creates a platform for deepening exchanges and mutual learning with each other.

       we will achieve more tangible results and leverage our comparative strengths in the interest of our common prosperity and development.

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