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Nadam Fair

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        Nadam means entertainment, recreations, amusement, and commodity exchange. The content of playing includes arrow shooting, racing and wrestling. Nadam has had a long history and has been famous since 700 years ago. At that time, the brave and good-at-fighting cavalry of Genghis Khan fought in Europe and Asia. During the war, the cavalries wrestled to relieve from exhaust. And gradually, it became a national traditional sport. It has been many centuries that Nadam Fair, with “three boy’s skills” as the main, will be held to celebrate success, worship the banner, appoint general, gather army and civilians, and for gatherings of leagues, memorial ceremony of Aobao, and promotion of officers. The champion born on each NadamFair will be immediately known by the whole steppe, and he will not only be awarded by also be respected by the herdsmen.


        The “three boy’s skills” of Nadam means the three sports of men, wrestling, racing, and arrow shooting. In the past, wrestling was a means for training soldiers, bow and arrow was the tool for hunting and weapon used by soldiers to fight and defend enemies, and riding was the basic skill of a trooper. In Yuan dynasty, the court clearly stipulated that: the Mongolian men must have the three skills, wrestling, racing, and arrow shooting. At that time, wars were frequent and the Mongolians lived on hunting and herding. The three skills of Mongolian men became the symbol of measuring the ability of men.
         In Hexigten, the Mongolians mainly hold Nadam Fair on May 13 of the lunar year when offering sacrifice to Aobao. (Now the time is not fixed) some Somos (town) may hold some small Nadam. Since the new China has been founded, Hexigten has hold 14 Nadams, especially in recent years, Hexigten has decided to revive Hexigten by tourism and establish the development strategy of building a nationwide famous banner. It has held five Steppe Culture Tourism Festivals successfully. Nadam Fair is also an important item of the tourism festival. At that time, guests and tourists from home and abroad and leaders of all levels from the autonomous region, cities, and banners will come to the fair. Herdsmen within several hundred miles will drive or ride to the fair to participate the racing or for tour.

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