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        Wrestling is one of the favorite games of the Mongolians and an item with strong opposability. It has great effect in training people's body, skill, and will. In the meantime, it is straightforward and pure and can be held at anytime and anywhere, therefore, it is popular among the mass.
The Mongolian wrestling is different from the wrestling of other nationalities. It has its own characteristics in clothes, rules, methods, and grounds. 

        For “zhuodege”, the clothes of wrestler, the sac is leather waistcoat with short sleeves and open chest made of cowhide and it is nailed with silver foam nails or copper foam nails. In the center of the back, there are patterns of round glasses or clouds. The waist is tied with “xilibuge” (the apron) made the silk of three colors, red, blue, and yellow, and the trousers are large wrestling trousers (specially made 10m or 5m white cloth), and a coating trousers embroidered with patterns of various animals, flowers, and clouds will be worn outside, thus to prevent the trousers from attaching to the body when sweating, as well as to prevent injuries. The Mongolian or knee high riding boots can be worn. Wear a chaplet “zhangga” made of silk strip of five colors on the neck. The “zhangga” means the places obtained, the more the winning times are, the more the color strips will be.
        According to traditional habit of the Mongolians, elect a respectable and experienced elder to preside the arrangement, and there shall not be odd number. According to the scale of Nadam, the number will be duals, such as 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, and 256, etc.
Signing has no difference in nation, region, age, weight, grade, and time. The racing will use single kick-out system, which is to kick out half of the participant, and victory depends on one wrestling.
        The racing ground is simple. Generally, it is a piece of lawn or soft vacant lot. The audiences sit on the ground in a circle, and the wrestlers will play in the center.
        Before the wrestlers come to the ground, the wrestlers are divided into two wings. Four singers will stand on each side, and the two parties will sing the challenging song. In the meantime, the wrestlers will swing their arms and jump on the spot frequently. After three times of singing, come to the ground by dancing eagle dance or lion dance. After the judge sending the order, the wrestlers will shake hands and greet each other, and then set forth the force of lion and tiger and fight in a moment. They circle, use their legs and knees, and put their skills of attacking, pulling, throwing, stumbling, and bending to good use to win the fight. If injury or death happens in the wrestling, the other party bears no responsibility. In the past, someone was dead in the wrestling in Zhaowuda area, the other party took off one booth and compensated with three oxen. The judge has the right to intervene intended surrender and breach of rules. The loser can not play again, and the winner to the end is the champion.
All the wrestlers attending Nadam will be awarded. In the history, champion of large Nadam won 81 prizes of nine kinds. And therefore, he became very famous and honorable. At present, champion of wrestling is usually awarded with a horse, and the runner-up is awarded with an ox, and some are awarded with motorcycle, which is very honorable.
In the past, wrestlers of Hexigten Steppe were very famous. After the liberation, athletes of Hexigten have obtained excellent achievements in city, autonomous region, national, and even international games.

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