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        Signing in racing of Nadam is voluntary, and there is no limit in number and age. For galloping, only adults can attend; for post-horse, men, women, old, and young can all attend. Number attending post-horse are many, which may be 20-30 people, and even more than 100 people, and for the age, there may 7 or 8-year-old children, young men, and middle-aged, and the old with white hairs. The racing distance is generally about 30 to 50 miles and the end point must be located at the ground. In order to reduce the load of horse, there should be no saddle for men, women, old, and young during the racing. The riders will wear magnificent color clothes, with red and green silk streamers on their head to the effect of handiness and valiancy. For galloping of the adults, the riders must have certain skills. The racing distance is about 5 miles, except for taking the lead, the winner must compete in speed, and even more in beauty, the beauty of horse and sable, as well as the beauty of the rider and gestures and beauty of galloping. There should be no such accidents such as “pimple rushing”, “underlying step”, “arrow fleeing", and “skidding”. After the racing starts, the rider will jump onto the horse and gallop, strive to be the first, and raise the whip. Audiences will cheer and the sound will shock the steppe. When the steed gallops, the rider is speeding across the sky and shows skilled equitation.
        After the racing finishes, horses winning places in the racing will be lined up in front of the presidium, being pulled by the riders. At this time, the special congratulation actor on the presidium will read the horse praising poem, content of which is rich and colorful, such as shape, origin, herdsman, trainer, and name of rider of the horse, as well as characteristics during the racing. In the meantime, the steeds in the first three will be splashed with koumiss on forehead, and then be awarded in order.


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