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Playing Bulu

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  Bulu is almost the aide arms of the Mongolian men. When a boy becomes about 10 years old, he starts playing Bulu.
There are Bulu with pendulum (which is also called leather sheath Bulu) and Bulu without pendulum. Bulu with pendulum is called “Du Jing”, and Bulu without pendulum is called “Xi Da Ma”. Xi Da is divided into holes Bulu, tin-iron Bulu, oblique and flat Bulu. Handle of Bulu is made of elm. Straight wood will be bended and bending wood will be fixed. Wet wood pole with a diameter of about half an inch will be bended by 1200 on one end, tie it and dry it. And then, apply oil to it to fumigate it into yellow. Total length of the Bulu is seven, and leather sheath of the pendulum is three fingers long. The pendulum should be made of brass.
  Oblique and flat Bulu is made of flat wood. Bending of holes Bulu is lined with garlic like tin-iron or brass knot. Center of the tin-iron Bulu is set with tin hoop and the bending is lined with tin-iron.
  Pendulum Bulu is hung on the sheath rope of saddle, or thrust in the belt. Other Bulus are thrust in the belt.
Bulu has been a kind of hunting weapon of Mongolians long time ago.
  Methods of using Bulu in hunting are buckling and throwing. For buckling, Bulu does not leave the hand, but to beat the       feral prey on horse (it can also be used when walking). For throwing, it is to beat the running prey.
  While using Bulu, rely on force and skill of the hand and vision and adjust the distance and strength.
  When beating running prey, beat it face to face, no matter what kind of Bulu is used. Pay attention to the bending force, weight of pendulum, and speed of the Bulu.
  With the development of production and living of the Mongolians, throwing Bulu has become a sport, and Bulu throwing competition is held in Nadam Fair.
  In the Bulu game, there are throwing and beating on horse and throwing. In the game, the rider rides a horse, with Bulu in his hand, and beats the cloth rabbits (which are arranged every 20m) to ground. One person can beat three times, and those who hit the rabbit can play again. The places will be determined by the final scores. In the throwing game, the places depend on throwing distance.
  Target of Bulu must be made of rope or cotton cloth instead of hard things such as tone and wood, so as not to damage the Bulu.

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