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Baldric and headwear

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   Baldric and headwear of men, women, old, and young of the Mongolians of Hexigten differ from each other. For boys, they prick a bundle of plait upon the head, and after becoming teenager, they will circle the hair at back of the head and dress up with threads. After growing up, they will circle the hair upon the head and put on hats. In autumn, winter, and spring, they generally put on streamer hat, sheep-skin and Mahu (big tail) hat, and dome hat, etc., which are made of otter fur, marten, fox fur, kit fox skin, lamb skin, and Tan sheep skin. In summer, they put on calotte or wear doek.


  Generally, men adorn with fire steel, snuff bottle, pouch, tobacco pipe, tobacco pouch, and rings. And on the sennit in west of the waist belt, there is a Mongolian knife with silver sheath. They put the fire steel on the waist belt when riding or walking, and hang it in the west after coming home or receiving guests. The sennit, fire steel, pouch, tobacco pipe, and tobacco pouch that young men adorn are very beautiful, and those of the middle-aged and old are ordinary. For pouch, there are ordinary pouches, as well as pouches made of cowhide covered by silver, Mina pouches, and Yumian pouches, and which are braided with brocade and silk ribbon and embroidered with various flowers. The pouch is used for storing snuff and is generally clamped in the waist belt in front. Young and middle-aged men also wear rings. They wear broad edge rings made of gold and silver on the thumb and ring finger. The wrap belts of the leg are used to tie the right front of the Mongolian gown so as to be convenient to mount the horse. The wrap belts are made of cooked cowhide strips and are lined with precious metal such as gold and silver.

  Headwear of the Mongolian women of Hexigten: girls generally comb a big braid. For girls of 6 or 7 years old, they will comb two braids upon the head and pierce the ears and wear eardrops. They start combing one big braid from 16 or 17 years old, wearing sennit ornaments and necklace made of coral, emerald, pearl, and amber; on the forehead, it is the colorful and bright frontlet made of coral, pearl, and agate. They wear silver toothpick and embroidered belt in front; and they also wear silver bracelet and gold and silver rings and get married when they are 17 or 18 years old.

  For the headwear of married Mongolian women of Hexigten, they are unique in south of Darihanwula. There are ribbons, hair sheath, and hair cover. The ribbons are of various shapes, and generally they make small hat without top or cloth belt with color brocade to cover on the head, and tie the hat or cloth belt with ribbon or rope behind the head. Coral, turquoise, and treasures of various shapes are embroidered at different positions of the hat or belt, with tassel made of pearls hanging around. The tassels of forehead are relatively short and do not cover eyes, and those of the sideburns are relatively long and some even extend below the ears. Shape, processing, and materials of hair sheath and hair cover are basically the same. They are rectangular metal covers, in front of which coral and turquoise of various sizes are braided, and are generally made of silver or cupronickel. The difference lies in that both ends of hair sheath are hollow, and the hair sheath is used ring the root of braid and fixed beside the ears as ornament. While hair cover is hollow on one end and it is used to cover lower end of the braid. In the meantime, headdress of married women has “Hataguer” which is a kind of metal hairpin made of silver, carved with flowers in the front, and braided with coral and turquoise. It is not adorned on the head (Balinshi) but inserted in the hair cover. The Mongolian women of Hexigten wear eardrops as well as ear rings. Their ear drops are of many pearls and long, but they hang the eardrops on the ribbons instead of wearing on the ears. They wear ear rings on the ears only. Women of north of Bayanchagan Somo comb Zhumuqin style Mongolian hair. They do not wear hair sheath but circle the hair upon the head and wear only headwear.

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