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Hot Pot

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   Hot Pot use sheep from the grassland, whose meat is very tender and nutritious. The mutton will be sliced to very thin pieces and boiled in mutton soup with some seafood. The meat will then be eaten with the sauce. Because of no chemical pollution and rich grass, the sheep meat is the best for Hot Pot.

 Hot Pot is said to begin from Yuan Dynasty. One day, when Emperor Kublai Khan fought in war, he suddenly remembered mutton stew at home, and ordered the cook to make the dish. When the cook was butchering the sheep, a soldier reported that the enemies were close. However, the emperor was so hungry that he gave orders to depart and pushed the cook at the same time, shouting “mutton, mutton!”. In a hurry, the clever cook sliced dozens of mutton, boiled them in the soup, and served them in a bowl with a bit salt. The emperor ate the mutton and won the battle.

  When celebrating the victory, he ordered the same mutton dish. This time, the cook chose the best mutton and prepared various sauce. Generals all liked it. Then the cook asked the emperor to name the new dish and the emperor said “Hot Pot”. Thus, Hot Pot became a royal dish.

  It is said in Emperor Guangxu period, the boss of “Donglaishun Restaurant” in Beijing bribed a eunuch and stole the recipe of Hot Pot. That was probably how Hot Pot started to be served in restaurants.

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