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Chifeng Gloria Travel Agency

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   Chifeng Gloria Travel Agency is located in Chifeng and is a registered professional travel agency with good reputation. Our operation philosophy is “provide honest service, contribute to society”. Through years of hard work, we can now provide customized tour routes for different requirements. We have wide cooperation with our partners of railway, airline, hotels, restaurants and tour sites, to ensure quality service for our customers. We try our best to make 100% efforts to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. We insist on providing quality service and reasonable price and we hope to develop together with our partners.

  We welcome the guests from all over the world to visit Chifeng!

  Contact number: 0476—2868166 2868177
   Fax: 0476—2868166
   Contact person: Bai Yu
   Contact number: 15304766648 13948768890

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