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Xilamulun River Park

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    1. Introduction of the park
Xilamulun River originates from Baicao Gutter at south foot of Great Xing’an Mountains Mountains in southeast of Hexigten. It is the source of Xiliao River, 151km long inside Hexigten Banner, and 1250km long in total.

  2. Cause of formation
Xilamulun Gorge is geologically called Xilamulun Deep-seated Fault which locates at the south edge of Great Xing’an Mountains Mountains and extends from east to west along Xilamulun River, with a length of 340 miles and a width of 50 miles. It is one of the most important deep-seated faults of this region.

  Xilamulun River is also called Huangshui River which originates from Baicao Trench of Baierheherhong (flat pine forest) of Haolaire Town on the edge of Hunshandake Sand Land. The river runs along the gorge, and more than 50 rivers, large or small, flow into it. The water force and speed increases gradually and it is excellent hydropower resource.

  Xilamulun River basin is the cradle of ancestors of Shang period. People have been here several thousand years ago. On the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd terraces, pre-history human relics such as Xinglongwa culture, Zhaobaogou culture, Hongshan culture, Xiaoheyan culture, and Xiajiadian are preserved.

  Xilamulun River is an important landform demarcation line. It connects Great Xing’an Mountains Mountains, next to Yanshan Mountains, and reaches Hunshandake Sand Land in the west. According to the research, Xilamulun River is also an important geological demarcation line: south of it belongs to North China Platform, while north of it belongs to Xingmeng Paleozoic Geosyncline. Along both sides of Xilamulun River, great differences exit in formation period of continental crust, crust structure, physical makeup, as well as evolution process and deterioration extent. Demarcation line was formed in late Paleozoic Era and it directly or indirectly controls distribution of mine of this region. Along the demarcation line of trench, a series of large and medium mineral deposits, such as Baiyunebo, Bainaimiao, Huanggangliang, and Baiyunnuoer, are found. Therefore, researches of Xilamulun are of great value and meaning to geology development and evolution and finding mineral deposits.

  Xilamulun River (which is yellow river in Chinese) is one of the sources of Xiliao River and is also called as Huangshui River (which is written so to distinguish from the Yellow River), Liaoshui River, and Daliao River. Xilamulun River is 1250 miles in total. It flows through more than 20 counties and more than 10 cities of three provinces, Inner Mongolia, Jinlin, and Liaoning, and flows into Bohai Sea finally. Downstream of Xilamulun River is flat and broad. Soils of the two banks are fertile, with excellent farmland and flourishing crops.

  Xilamulun River has a long history. People have been here since primitive society of several thousand years ago. In history, it is listed as one of the six rivers of China in Huainanzi ·Topography, which said that, “Liao grows rubstone”. It was said in Annotation to‘Scripture of Hydrology and Geography’ ·Daliao River that, “it is said that Liaoshui River also grows rubstone. The river flows from north of the Great Wall to the east until the west of Wangping County of east of Liaoning Province…it turns and flows southwards and into the sea.” People have lived along both sides of Xilamulun River generations after generations for thousands of years. They created glorious history and splendid culture. it is recorded in History of Liao that, “a god-man and a fairy driving ox-cart to Muye Mountain and met in the junction of the two rivers. They got married and gave birth to 8 sons. Their descendants increased gradually and were divided into eight divisions.” Both the origin of Qidan nationality and the legends of Xilamulun are interesting.

  2. Major scenes
Xilamulun Gorge
Go upstream along Xilamulun River by more than 100km, mountains are high and valleys are deep, river beds alternate, streams jump down gullies, and waterfalls are formed. Among gorges of both sides, scrubs grow. The gorge stops nearby source of the water, and bottom of the gorge presents a long basin which is about 100 mus. The spectacular scene of thousands of spring surging out, waves beating the stone and making sound, and flying streams jumping down make you feel the endless charm of nature.

  Water source
Upstream of Xilamulun River originates from the water source of Hexigten Banner. The dunes are in ridges and chains, and the round sand land on top of the dune sinks suddenly, thus to form a basin surrounded by three faces of mountains. In side the basin, thousands of springs surge out just like a pot of boiling water bursting out from bottom of the pot. The surging springs spray water columns discontinuously; or sprays in all directions, which causes eddy; or forms white waves which gather together and flow eastward into a narrow channel of more than 10m wide and several score meters or several meters deep. When the river meets valleys, the channel twists and the water flow becomes rushing. Since there are many cliffs, the fall can be up to 100m within several miles, which provides advantageous geological condition for building small hydropower plant. On south bank of the river, poplar, birch, maple, and pine tower into the sky, while on north bank of the river, short elm, willow, and apricot strew at random. In winter, water surges out of the ground and runs along the channel of several scores long. Many waterfalls are frozen and sound of the water hears like thunder. Dense mist fills the valley. Branches on the banks are frozen into ice which looks like wax and pearl and looks glittering and transparent. When the sun shines, the valley is full of shining and brilliant pearls and jades. The water source becomes a valley of “jade” and a world of “silver”. Wang Shu, a poet of the Republic of China, once wrote a poem named Huang Yuan Bi Dan (Huang Yuan, which is known as the water source, Taizu of Liao once came to the plain pine forest to watch Huang Yuan): come to the upstream of Huang River, clear waves surge and reflect the autumn. People say that clear current is excellent, and this is even the origin of clear current.

  In recent years, with the development tourism, watching mountains, green waters, and silver fishes at Xilamulun Small Hydropower Plant are popular with tourists. People come to the power plant for touring continuously. High gorge over the dam rises out from the lake and green water of the lake covers the mountain and green trees. The dark green mountain connects with the lake. It is certainly a fairyland in the world.

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