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·International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction
·Revalidation of Hexigten Global Geopark of China Ended Successfully
·Site Visit to The Museum and Geo-cultural Park Square of Hexigten UNESCO Global Geopark
·Huang Gangliang Welcome Evaluators for Revalidation
·Arshihaty Welcome the two Evaluators
·Two UNESCO Evaluators Participate in Grassland Festival- Nadam
·Otindag Sandy Land Welcome Evaluators for Revalidation
·UNESCO Evaluators Debriefed the Report of Revalidation& Inspected Dalai Nur Lake
·UNESCO Evaluators arrived at Hexigten UNESCO Global Geopark
·Visit and Exchange Program for Hexigten UNESCO Global Geopark tothe Japanese Geoparks Netw…
·Activities on the 48th World Earth Day
·Geopark School
·Trilingual Speaking Contest
·The Second Recruiting of Little Interpreter in Hexigten UNESCO Glaobal Geopark
·Litter Tour Guide

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