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·Hexigten UGGP & Yandangshan UGGP link up as “Sister Geopark”
·Celebrating Earth Heritage; Sustaining Local Economy
·Rejuvenate Our Country Through Science and Technology,Benefit OurPeople Through Science P…
·Promote Cooperation in Study Tours
·A Lecture on Natural and Cultural Heritage of Hexigten UGGP
·School Season --- Hexigten Global Geopark Science Popularization Campus Activities
·School Season --- Hexigten Global Geopark Science Popularization Campus Activities
·Ashihaty Stone Forest National 5A Level Scenic Spot Unveiled
·Opening ceremony of the 12th Hexigten Winter Tourism Festival
·Hexigten Stone Forest 5A Unveiled & Ice and Snow Tourism Press Conference
·Annual Conference of China UNESCO Global Geoparks
·The 4th International Intensive Course on UNESCO Global Geoparks
·Teachers form Mongolian visit the Geopark Museum
·The 8th International conference on UNESCO Global Geoparks
·Geoheritage Field Investigation

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