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Three cups of wine
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  The three cups of wine are “singing the most melodious song if you are Mongolian lark; and be particular about politeness if you are a civilian.” “Without feather, you can not fly even with large wings; without politeness, good looking appearance will also be laughed.” The two sayings reflect vividly that the Mongolian nationally is not only a strong, brave, forthright, and pure nationality, but also a hospitable and polite nationality.

  When guests come, familiar or strange, they will greet hospitably, “Sainuu! Sain bainuu! (How are you)”. Later on, the host will put his right hand on the chest and bow forward slightly to invite the guest to enter the Mongolian yurt politely. They will arrange the seats according to the age of the guests. Whereafter, they will present hada, snuff bottle, and “deji" to the guests. The first bite of dinner is called “deji” by the Mongolians. “Presenting deji” is to let the guest drink firstly, pick up the food firstly, and take the first mouth of rice. The sincere and pure emotion, and ceremonious and graceful courtesy, and the harmonious and enthusiastic scene will make people immerge in the strong atmosphere of folk customs at a moment and make you feel wassail culture of placing emotion in wine and making friends with songs of the herdsmen on the steppe.

  The Mongolians consider wine is the elite of crops and the best thing to show their respect and love to the guests. Therefore, wine is the essential thing that the herdsmen will prepare all over the year. Nearly all the families have the habit of storing wine. Some even fill large amount of wine into sealed chinaware and bury in the sheep enclosure to make them into more pure and fragrant aged wine which will be used to treat guests from far away to win praise and be proud of it.

  The toasting ceremony is passionate and grand. The host pours the wine into silver bowl or cup and places bowl or cup on the sacred hada, and makes three toasts to the guests devoutly. There are sayings for three toasts: the first toast is to thank God for giving us brightness; the second is to thank the earth to give us longevity; and the third is to wish everlasting luckiness of the world. Therefore, when the guests receive the wine, he does not drink it all immediately, but dips the ring finger of right hand into the wine and “flips three times” to worship heaven, earth, and Gods, and then drinks the wine. Generally, the three toasts will be drunk by the guest to show his gratitude and sincere passion of the host. If the guest can not drink, drink a little and then return to the host. If the guest refuses the toasts, it is considered that he regards the host as outsider or looks down upon the host. Especially do not splash the wine to the ground, because this is considered as contempt to the host.

  Time goes on, the society develops, and custom changes. For example, in the last ten-day of October of 1990, when Comradejiang Zemin reviewed Inner Mongolian, the explanation for the “flip three times” with finger is no longer worshiping heaven, earth, and Gods, but has completely new meaning: the first is to keep in like with the Party Central Committee, the second is to closely connect with the mass, and the third is to welcome guests from far away. Comradejiang Zemin showed great respect to the custom of herdsmen, he dipped his finger into the wine and flipped three times after receiving the koumiss from the host and said, “wish all the herdsmen lucky and get better and better each year.”


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