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Drinking song
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   Inner Mongolian Steppe is the hometown of songs. Good wine together with song is like the blue sky together with cloud and red flow with green leaves. Therefore, there is the saying that it can not constitute a wassail without song. The songs will be as many as the wine. The herdsmen, men, women, old, and young, all can sing. On the toasting ceremony, the substitutes of delicious food are melodious drinking songs. Drinking songs sing about the history of the nation, praise the heroes of the nation, or express the love between young men and women, and sing about happy life. Every song has profound philosophy, magnificent and lively words, and elegant and fair-sounding melody. What’s more, clever singers can sing passionately with the sentences he makes up according to the atmosphere and scenes of the banquets, no matter under what kind of circumstance. The song attracts every guest like a magnet and brings many peaks to the happy and enthusiastic atmosphere of the banquet. The following is the most popular drinking song:


  The golden cup is filled up fragrant wine,
Lift it over the head happily,
And toast to parents and elder to show your passion.
Sai La Er Bai Dong Sai!
As clear as the spring in the green mountain,
As beautiful as the flower of the steppe,
Relatives and friends met due to luck,
Toast this wine that is as fragrant as honey to you
After the toasting, the hospitable host will surely present the unique characteristic meat food of the nation to treat and guests.
As the steppe is wide and people are few and live far from each other, food and living of the expeditioner need help. Therefore, care about others, help others, and treat people politely has become a courtesy abided by all the herdsmen since long time ago. Such healthy and pure courtesy has been passed down generation by generation and become the ligament of friendship of people on the steppe and the symbol of unification and progress of the nation.


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