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Living the Mongolians consider the west is honor
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   Northwest corner of the Mongolian yurt is the place for worshiping Buddha and the elder lives in the west. If relatives and the whole family live together, the elder lives in the west Mongolian yurt. If the house is wood structure, the elder lives in the west room of the main house.
Respect the old and take care of the young
If parents are present, the juniors can not sit face to face with the parents. They eat at different tables and can not drink and smoke on the same table. When the elder are talking, the junior can not break in. If the juniors come home from outside, pay respects to the elder and parents. If they come back from town, or have left for a long time, they must bring gifts such as wine and pastries home and present to the elder with two hands when they meet the elder, and then tell the elder about everything of the egression. They can only go back to their own rooms after being told by the elder. They also have to visit the neighbors and can not pay a visit with nothing, no matter how close and distant with the neighbors. The gift can be many or few, single or double. Uncle and nephew can not play together and be naughty, uncles and sister-in-laws can not dally with each other, do not dally with brother-in-law and brother-in-law’s wife, and sister-in-law and sister can not make fun with each other. The dallying and naughty people are considered as disrespectful and underbred and will be laughed at by others. Visit patients and “parturient” before soon. No matter how many the gifts are, send them before soon. Do not eat the meat of horse, donkey, dog, and all the livestock dying of own accord. In the past, the Mongolians did not eat pork.

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