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Arrow shooting
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  This sport has come into being since the hunting times and becomes mature and perfect with the development society. Rules and requirements of the competition are also more and more strict. Distance of arrow shooting of the Mongolians is shorter then than the international distance and it is only 15m or 20m. The arrow target is a round target of 1.5 chi (it is divided into five rings in five colors, which are white, blue, yellow, green, and red from outside to inside). Men, women, old, and young attending the competition must prepare their own bows and arrows. There is no limit in types of the bow and arrow, tension of the bow, and weight and length of the arrow. Generally, number of the arrow is stipulated and the arrows will be shot by three times. The places will be determined by the arrows hitting the target. The first three places will be awarded. “Before the competition, shooters will wear color gowns and prepare their own bows and arrows. Take out the bow and place the arrow after the judge sends out the order, and then point at the target. When the shooter shoots at a ring of the target, the audiences will cheer the winner. Calculate the scores according to the rings shot to determine the champion, runner-up, and the third place.


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